Save Our Home – Without Leaving Yours
VMWare, In The Flicker
Multimedia Animated Video

There are easy steps we can all take to protect our ecosystem; How do you teach people about sustainability while engaging them and without preaching? An animated multimedia video!

“VMware has a long-held belief that environmental stewardship is our responsibility and duty as a global corporate citizen.”  This statement is part of the brand and to take advantage of Earth Day, VMware wanted to create a video that brought people through simple steps they could easily adopt in their own life to stave off environmental disaster. Of course, we also wanted to avoid words like ‘disaster’….

In 2021 more people were working from home than ever before so VMWare decided to use that jumping off point. By creating graphics in house and also incorporating videos shot by employees at their homes, we created a multimedia video focusing on recycling, energy efficiency, and food best practices. Rambox Creative was provided the voice over, home movies, and the graphics. We worked together and came up with how best to animate what was on screen to match and entertain during the voice over, as well as how to incorporate the home videos which have a drastically different look to make an informative well-paced cohesive multimedia video that was on brand, on message, on schedule, and on budget.

It feels good to do good.